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Why Guest blog on Theaninezone?

One of the best reasons is because, it is a great way to be part of the online community and get to know new people. But here are some other great reasons

  • Get your ideas in front of thousands of readers
  • Get your website known
  • Networking

How does it work?

Simply pitch us an idea or three about what your topic and we’ll get back to you.

If you are proposing an idea that has nothing to with this site than please do not apply. For example a blog idea about how to organize your freezer is a no no.

Topics wo do cover are:

  • L-Theanine
  • Nootropics
  • Tea
  • Selfimprovement in: sleeping, cognitive abilities, reducing anxiety and meditation

We here on Theaninezone want the posts here to remain of good quality. Therefore we require you to follow our simple guidelines

Post Guidelines

In order to provide the best exposure and to provide our visitors with informative articles, we take a thorough look at each article to make sure it meets our high quality standards.

· Be original: this means your post has not previously been published anywhere else. We’re only interested in fresh content so we check all of our submission via Copyscape to eliminate plagiarism.

· Length of article: we’re not bothered about word count. If your post only has 300 words but it’s a great piece we’ll publish it. In the same way, if it takes 2000 words to tell your story, we’re not going to complain.

· Tone: please write in your own voice, this is a guest post after all. We just ask that the tone match the subject matter. For instance if you’re describing about a life -threatening disease we would not expect you to write in a jokey style. We welcome all types of articles, from reviews, to op-eds to news reports.

· No sales pitches: We do not accept guest posts that are commercial in nature. Please don’t waste anybody’s time; sales letters or press release type articles will automatically be rejected. If you have a product or service you wish to mention, please link to these in the author bio.

· References: if you are describing any kind of scientific study, we ask that you add links to the original research. Credibility is very important to us so if you’re making any claims, you’ll need to provide the evidence to back it up!

· Images: Unless it’s absolutely necessary please do not submit any images, we’ll take care of that. If a specific image is vital to your post, let us know.

· Publication: in submitting a guest post you agree that all content becomes property of We also reserve the right to reject and/or edit your post. You also agree that you agree that no compensation, financial or otherwise will be given for your article.

· Links: We generally do not allow promotional links in the body of the article itself, however we can include a do-follow link or two to your website or social media profile in your author bio at the end of the article.

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Hey there, I'm a former student of nutrition and dietetics. During my study I became obsessed with the positive effects of antioxidants. Unfortunately there wasn't much information available for the antioxidant of tea.

I made Theaninezone for two reasons, to teach others about the positive effects of Theanine and to give you reviewed products that are worth buying.

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